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The food industry has added so many chemicals in your food, for three reasons: so the food tastes good, you will eat more of their product, and it will stay "fresh." (And you will eat more and more, and get fatter, and buy more...get the picture?)  The so called "health" industry discredits itself by adding chemicals into the product as well for the same reasons.  How many of your "protein bars", and protein drinks  include artificial flavor, color and sucralose (splenda)?  I met a big executive for one of the major "health & fitness"  magazines...she was chain smoking cigarrettes!  It's business for them, using men on steroids for their models to promote their products, meanwhile, I have spoken to some of them and they've admitted that they have never used the product they are holding in the photo for the bodybuilder magazines!  There's so much deception, smoke and mirrors.  Remember, they don't want you to win.  If you acheive your goals, you won't need their products anymore!  This section will help you understand how toxic and harmful these chemicals are, and how to avoid YOU CAN WIN!

 MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE was invented in 1905 in Japan.  Since then, it has been added to so many foods, and under many different names...such as Accent meat tenderizer, in chips, meats, soups, canned tuna, Knorr Suissa, almost all fast food chains and most major restaurant chains in America, and of course the obvious, all Chinese and a lot of Thai restaurants...yes...Thai!  What is MSG?  This chemical  is a "exitotoxin".  Some of MSG dangers IS TOXICITY TO THE BRAIN, as it can be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. What is its purpose? It is one of the many food additives as a key ingredient in restaurant and processed food. This chemical "excites" the brain cells, making them believe that something good is entering your system, but what really happens is that it KILLS brain cells! Furthermore it is a flavor enhancer (in blind taste tests, can even make mud taste good!), it can make a plain inferior cheap product like corn, taste in bagged chips. Scientists injected MSG into laboratory rats with the end result that they became morbidly obese...they were called the MSG rats.  Fifty years ago, the food industry saw a way to increase their profits by "injecting" MSG into so many foods...the end result, the obesity epidemic, starting in America, and now spreading worldwide.  What is the outcome?  Always follow the money, my friend!  The food industry can mass produce something really cheap, like chips, then you eat not one, but a lot...why?...because "it tastes good", they won, but here's where they REALLY eat more, it makes you gain weight (and they don't give a damn how you look in that bathing suit, or naked) and then you will purchase their product/s sooner, and in larger quantities, especially if you go to one of those "big box stores." And the cycle continues!  In all fast food chains, the food is produced and processed in factories where they infuse the food with chemicals, artificial flavorings, and MSG..sprayed even on french fries, salads, mashed potatoes, then you wash it down with soda(we will get to soda later) for another big zing of calories..and of course they are so KIND letting you have free refills or giving you the next size for only a dime...why?  So they fatten you up, and you come back, and their profits increase, as does YOUR WAISTLINE, blood pressure, diabetes, etc...get the picture?  Look at that mmm mmm good can of soup...what's in the ingredients?....msg?..."natural flavorings, yeast extract, broth...the FDA (which is NOT your friend) has approved the usage of many other words that the "food industry" can use to substitute the words msg...why?  Because the FDA is not your friend, and the dirty little secret is coming out about msg, so they let them use words like artificial flavoring, broth, etc..WHY? To trick will get fatter, and the food companies and big pharma all make $$ at the expense of your waistline and health. HOW DO I AVOID MSG?...glad you asked.  Don't "do Chinese" ask no MSG, they smile and walk away...almost all their "sauces" come out of cans from China(the most polluted and under regulated toxic place on, communism, mixed with a little bit of capitalism.  Ask them if you can see the can of oyster sauce they use...msg!  Thai restaurants use it as well, but I tell them no msg, I WILL GO INTO seizures and be rushed to the hospital if msg is in my food!  No fast food....did you hear me...NO FAST you remember Mom's cooking, well their is LOVE in that food has NO LOVE.  Employees of a major fast food chain, when interviewed stated that they HATE their job, hate the customers, and hate the food...and you eat hate, with the chemicals, with meat which is the same grade of meat that is in pet food...why?  I hear it all the's fast and it's cheap..full of MSG..THEY win and You loose(but actually gain....weight.  READ THE LABELS OF ALL FOOD!  MSG is usually tucked in there.  Make your own food.  We will get into this on another page.  Remember Jack La Lanne...ONE OF AMERICA'S GREATEST young people, google/youtube Jack, the father of American fitness.  Well, he said..'IF MAN MADE IT, DON'T EAT IT!"


These are other words the "food industry" use instead of monosodium glutamate...why?  Well they want to deceive you, so they flavor the food with their favorite chemical....and you eat it?  And if it says msg on the label, many will not purchase the product.  Here's the list, and I'm sure it's not complete...

  • Natural flavorings
  • Flavorings
  • Yeast extract
  • Glutamate
  • Glutamic acid
  • Autolyzed yeast
  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Broth
  • Gelatin
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Textured protein
  • Maltodextrin
  • Soy protein isolate
  • Ajinomoto
  • Seasoning
  • Malt flavoring
  • Spices
  • Yeast food
  • Yeast nutrient 

  Now, go to your kitchen, and start reading the labels...this is for your own good...quit being "rats" for the "food industry!!!!"  It's in your salad dressings, soups, crackers, lunch meats...throw it out, don't give it has been poisoned.  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?  Organic food, by law cannot contain MSG.  A bag of dried beans, rice, bulk food, organic fruit and vegetables, eggs in the shell(that you crack open, not some restaurant chain!) is safe. READ THE LABELS! Get the picture?  Whole foods, organic foods.  The regional district manager of Whole Foods Markets informed me that ALL the food in their stores are CLEAN and free of all food additives, including MSG, artificial sweeteners, artificial food colorings and chemical additives.  A manager of Trader Joes told me that their store is MSG free.  If you grow your own food, it for sure has not msg.


Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, TGIF, Chili's, Applebees and Denny's.  For sure this list is not complete!


ARTIFICIAL FOOD COLORING is poison to your body. It can build up as a toxin in your liver(your filter).  It can build up in your fat cells(where so many of the toxins we consume end up).  It causes problems with your health, with your children...and your pets...Do you know that your dogs and cats are color blind...they see in black and white.  Then why does that dog food have artificial coloring in it?  And how about those Made in China brightly colored toys you give your children and pets?  Toxic.  A lot of artificial color is petroleum based...have any doubts that it's not good for you?  Go to the gas station and read what's on the gas pumps...warning you that gasoline can cause cancer.  Walk into a drug store, convenience store...what do you see?  Colors, colors, everywhere...candies, cookies, cakes....all laden with tons of sugar and artificial color...what has that done to you...look at your body in the mirror!  As these toxins build up in your system, they "gum up" your filters and glands, slowing down your beautiful machine that God made, called your body, with the end result of weight gain.  Would you purchase a brand new Mercedes-Benz and pour sand into the gas tank? Would you pour in msg, spenda or artificial coloring? would always fill it with 92 octane, changing the oil often. Then why do you allow it in your body?  Your body is more complex than a luxury car.  Give it whole organic complete want the color red?  Eat a beet, or a red bell pepper or how about a pomegranate...colors in fruits and vegetables have wonderful nutritional antioxidant qualities that enhance your health.  Run away from anything with ARTIFICIAL COLOR!  Don't give it to your children, your pets, or yourself....Remember, your HEALTH is your WEALTH!  Artificial coloring will not enhance your health, it will only subtract life from your body!  What is in your cupboards?  Read the labels.  Throw out the poison, and fill them with good things!  Do a detox...more on that later. 


ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER has invaded our diets worldwide!  Years ago they did not exist, and yet, the majority of the human race was not obese or overweight!  It became big with sweet n low until it got some bad press, which may or may not be true.  Then came the "miracle sweetener", nutrasweet, which is aspartame and found in soft drinks, chewing gum and so many of our foods.  Then in 1975, in Queen Elizabeth College, England some chemists were working on a pesticide and found it to be sweet to the taste, and that became sucralose, hence the product splenda..."made from sugar"...because dextrose is mixed into the little yellow packets.  WHAT does artificial sweetener do to your body?  They will slow down your thyroid gland and other regulators to your metabolism which will actually prevent you from loosing weight. It sends a deceptive "signal to your brain that something "good" on the way...something sweet...and instead this chemical kills brain cells as it is an "excitotoxin."  Did you think the "diet" industry was in business to help you loose weight?  Well think again, if you succeeded in loosing the weight with their product, you would'nt need them anymore....right?  For many years all I consumed was diet sodas, sugar free gum and candy, and yet I was 236lbs, 38 1/2 in waist  and could never loose any more than a few pounds.

BUT.....THE DIRTIEST LITTLE SECRET IS....that the "health industry", protein bars, protein powders/shakes, "energy drinks", and creatine products have been invaded with SUCRALOSE (splenda)....WHY?...follow the money.  It's cheap, it's for the most part calorie free, it's sweet, AND THEY WIN ($$$) AND YOU LOOSE...(actually gain weight).  For the most part, this "health industry" is not there to help you, they are in it for profit.  Several years ago, almost all protein powders, food bars, etc had the artificial sweeteners in them, NOW, almost monthly there are more and more "CLEAN" products without it,  now sweetened with STEVIA, a natural herb grown in Paraguay, South America.  BECOME A LABEL READER!  When you purchase your protein supplements, always read the label.  Sucralose is usually one of the last ingredients listed.  Insist on NATURALLY sweetened supplements!

BUT HERE'S THE BIGGEST THING ABOUT THE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS...THEY ARE AN EXCITOTOXIN...they will excite the brain cells thinking something in the order of sugar/energy is on the way hence, your stomach sending a false signal to the brain, and when they arrive up there, brain cells are slaughtered in another massacre!  Yes, they kill brain cells!!! I don't know about you, but I need all the brain cells available to get through my day!

But here's the biggest reason not to consume them....they are not natural, they are not found in nature, they will not assist you on your mission of health and weight loss....and remember what Jack La Lanne said..."If man made it, don't eat it!"  RUN AWAY FROM SPLENDA/SUCRALOSE AND EQUAL/ASPARTAME!

Use Stevia, raw organic honey, agave nectar, even raw organic sugar.  If you are prone to diabetes, use stevia and some cinnamon.

FLUORIDE is in most toothpaste, our drinking water, mouthwashes and dentists offices.  It is a horrible thing to put in your and your childrens bodies.  It is a toxin that has all kinds of bad effects on your health.  GET PAUL & PATRICIA BRAGG'S BOOK, "THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT WATER".  Paul Bragg opened the first health food stores in America, preaching health in crusades nationwide.  He changed the lives of many, including Jack LaLanne who opened the first Gym in Oakland, CA. His daughter, Patricia Bragg continues to carry on the great vision of her father from her health ranch in Goleta, CA. They have one of the most informative books on the planet regarding water (drink only distilled water...more on this later) and eliminate all fluoride exposure.  It's supposed to prevent tooth decay....I used it all my life, and the majority of my teeth had cavities, and  friends from Latin America never used fluoride toothpastes or had fluoride in their water, and you know, they do not have one cavity or filling in their mouths!  Buy toothpaste that's fluoride free!  Trader Joes sells it (alongside toothpaste with fluoride...READ THE LABEL!!!!)  Whole foods markets carries a lot of toothpastes and mouthwashes that are fluoride free, and YOU CAN PURCHASE OR MAKE YOUR OWN DISTILLED WATER with a distiller that will remove all chemicals, viruses, bacteria, fluoride and toxins with the steam distill process. 

 DID YOU KNOW........

  •  Fluoride is nothing more than a by-product of the nuclear and aluminum industries.
  • It is one of the basic ingredients in the anti-depressant Prozac.
  • It is an ingredient in sarin gas.
  • Fluoride increases infertility.
  • Fluoride increases hip fractures.
  • Fluoride is unapproved by the FDA.
  • China has discovered that in areas that use fluoridated water, the I.Q.'s are lowered.
  • Soviet concentration camps administered fluoride to the inmates to decrease resistance to authority.
  • Nazi Germany was one of the largest producers of fluoride.  They used it on the inmates to render prisoners docile and inhibity the questioning of authority.  It was also used to sterilize the prisoners.
  • Fluoride is an extremely neurotoxic chemical added to drinking water that interrupts the basic function of the nerve cells of the brain causing docile submissive behavior and I.Q. devastation.


Is your water Fluoridated?

IF MAN MADE IT, DON'T EAT IT.....BECOME AN AVID LABEL READER!!! Get the toxic additives out of your life.  Eat clean.  Eat organic.  If it says organic on the label, by law it cannot contain artificial sweeteners, msg, or other chemical additives.  Make your own food.  Grow your own food.  Know what is going into this beautiful machine, our body that our Creator has made!


VISIT WATERWISE, FOR THE BEST DISTILLERS, WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS AND SHOWER FILTERS! Distilling your water will remove all toxins, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and fluoride!