I have researched this dangerous box of "modern technology" and do truly believe that once you read this page, and research further, you will dispose, not give away...your microwave. Microwave oven dangers, microwave effects on food and microwave radiation is all covered with these videos.  Nearly every home in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have a microwave.  Many of us are second and even third generation microwave users.  It has been built into many kitchens and has become a part of our "food preparation."  Ever step back and wonder how something cold or frozen can be heated or cooked in the matter of minutes?  Something is wrong, my friend.  Let's find out!

First of all, the microwave technology was invented by the Nazi's during the closing years of World War II.  The technology was taken by the Americans and, first called a radar range, then the microwave, mass produced in the 1970's.  Prior to that, we have heated and cooked food for thousands of years with fire!  Yes, good ole fire...good enough for the cave man, Greeks, Romans, African bushman, American Indians...but, not good enough for "modern man!"

                                                   BORING, BUT NECESSARY INFORMATION ON THE MICROWAVE....PLEASE READ!

The microwave functions on electromagnetic energy, hence it is radioactive.  All microwaves leak radiation.  When you press those convenient buttons to heat the food, the microwave agitates the molecules and atoms of the food, causing friction, tearing them apart and forcefully deforming them.  The atoms and molecules and cells of the food are hit hard by electromagnetic radiation and are forced to reverse polarity by 1-100 billion times per second. (reverses their natural clock-wise motion.)  The molecules are decayed by radiation, hence this warped, radioactive food goes into your body!  Amino acids (the building blocks of life) have been observed to undergo changes in shape and morphing, thus transformation into toxic forms.

Hemoglobin levels decreased, and cholesterol levels increased in people who ate microwaved food.  Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel of Switzerland discovered that white blood cells decreased from eating microwaved food, as well as had cancerous effects on human blood, changing the nutrients of the food into something carcinogenic (cancer causing.)

So what really happens when you have microwaved food in your home?  You have exposed yourself and your family to radiation, by killing your food.  Dr. Hertel observed that the food becomes up to 90% dead food, devoid of vitamins, minerals and amino acids!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons we have become such an obese nation.  Your body is eating dead food, and craving nutrition, hence, eating more and more and....get the picture?  This could be one of the factors that have contributed to so many people overeating....lack of nutrients.  So, you helpless modern housewife, single mom, single dad, single dude, student...HOW DO WE HEAT UP OUR FOOD NOW???  The way man and woman has for thousands of years WITH FIRE!  And make sure your favorite restaurant is not using microwaves to cook or heat up your food.  The waiter at my former favorite Mexican restaurant when bringing the food out to the table, always careful the plate is hot....THE PLATE IS HOT??  That's because they had prepared so much of the food in advance, keeping it in the refrigerator, scooping it out, placing it all on the plate, then zapping it in the microwave(plate becomes, radiation hot?  So, when you go out to msg, and no micro!  Take a look at the plants below.