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HEALTH AND NUTRITION...WHAT IS YOUR REACTION to this picture below?  Yummy, or yuck?  These veggies are full of nutrition that your body requires to function optimally.  They are" bank deposits" of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and enzymes that will make your body healthy and wealthy! They will give zest and zip in your life, and help you jump out of bed in the morning.  They will put a skip to your step, and a smile on face.  Veggies never caused depression.  Sugar, soft drinks and fast/junk food can cause depression as it brings about mood swings. Nutrition facts are here for you to examine. Sports nutrition will greatly enhance your workouts, in the gym, at the park, or out for a walk.

YOUR DIET IS EVERYTHING, AND EVERYTHING IS YOUR DIET! You will learn from us that your diet, your nutrition effects every aspect of your life, your families life, and all those around you!  You being sickly, lethargic, unhealthy and obese affects more than just you!  Just think if, because of your poor eating habits your life is cut short.  How many people would be affected by the loss.  All because you were driven by your lust of that fast food, junk food, and out of control eating habits.  Here, we will show you vibrant quality life that will impact all those around you in a positive manner!  We will build you into a castle of vibrant health that can withstand the onslaught a world full of sickness and disease!


NUTRITION IS MY MISSION! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF FOOD?  Food are "packages" of matter that sustain life.  Many are eating death...fast "food", donuts, candy, chips...these are "packages" of partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose syrup, white sugar, white flour, grease, fat...yes, death!  A Cardiologist told me once that half the people buried in cemeteries are there because of cardiac arrest, eating the wrong foods!  Some say, well, you're gonna die of something anyway, might as well enjoy life. Might as well eat that ham, those burgers, soda and french fries...then you have a heart attack at 40 years old, and leave your family and loved ones to fend for themselves.  That's not enjoying life, that's selfish.  The Apostle Paul criticized the Cretians stating that "their god is their bellies."  Well, I guess they were fat. The United States has turned into the United States of Gluttons, as obesity has been accepted as the norm.  Do you call being fat, not wanting to get out of bed in morning, walking stooped over with no energy, enjoying life?  Jack La Lanne completed nearly 97 years on this planet inspiring millions to put the right food through that 3 inch slit in your head, called the mouth!  Jack was a fat and sickly boy eating all kinds of junk food until he went to a PAUL C. BRAGG health crusade.  Paul Bragg, who opened the first health food stores in America, preached health with great inspiration changing the lives of many, including Jack.  Paul Bragg's daughter, Patricia Bragg carries on the teachings and great vision of her father. Their books have been an inspiration in my life!

Some of you are thin...you can eat whatever you'd like and not get fat, yet your veins and arteries look like the 405 freeway on a friday afternoon...all clogged up.  Being thin, or having great genetics does not give you a free pass on nutrition.

The Bible states "consider what is before you."  Consider the food in front of you.  Where you shop for your food...do they care about your health, or is their prime concern, profit?  Consider where you buy your lunch....is it healthy?  "Eat fresh?.."  Is it?  Do you know all of these "fast food" companies and major restaurant chains process these foods with chemicals that will enhance the flavor...so you eat more, get fatter, and eat more, and they make more money...get the picture?  Then you pay the bill with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart trouble, etc...are you understanding?  Is it helpful, does it enhance your health?  What's in that bag of chips?  Did you read the ingredients?  These companies don't care about your health.  The fast food companies never will attend a funeral for a cardiac arrest victim...they are too busy attending to new "repeat offenders" as the #1 fast food restaurant calls customers. When you prepare your food, consider the nutritional content.  It's an investment in your health...as your health IS your wealth!  These days we have super choices...years ago you could not find brown rice or 100% organic whole wheat bread.  Did you know that brown rice is REAL UNPROCESSED rice?  Did you know that it has over 200 antioxidants that white rice does not have?  God made brown rice, whole wheat, raw sugar, whole foods.  Man made white flour, white rice, white sugar.  Did you know that raw organic sugar has vitamins and minerals?  Whenever possible purchase RAW, unprocessed organic.  Raw, unprocessed honey is a whole food that is good for you.  SO CONSIDER WHAT IS BEFORE YOU...is it good for you?  Has a food company perverted, changed and processed what WAS a wholesome nutritional food?  Good nutrition will feed your body, enhance your health and put a sparkle in your eyes!  Life is worth living...there are choices you must make for you and your loved ones.  IT IS A BATTLE THAT YOU CAN WIN!...


The salmon above looks good...or is it?  If it's WILD CAUGHT SALMON it's good for you, full of low fat protein and omega 3.  If it is FARM RAISED SALMON, Atlantic salmon, beware! It is "Franken-salmon!" Genetically altered salmon, a freak of nature, not found in the natural world.  I guess a lot of people don't know their geography.  You go to the store and purchase Atlantic salmon from Chile....ummmm last time I looked at the globe, Chile is on the Pacific, not Atlantic Ocean.  Atlantic salmon is a fast growing (profit$$$) fish that they use in fish farms.  They are confined by giant metal cables from escaping into the ocean.  They have no access to krill, a tiny shrimp like fish that gives salmon the rich "salmon" color, and the Omega 3 that our body needs... so the farm raised is gray...yes gray.  So the "fish farmers" mix in an artificial color, and pesticide with the fish food, feed it to the farm raised salmon, and guess what?  You eat it.  Almost all restaurants serve farm raised salmon...always ask, and to make sure the waiter is not responding with a lie, tell them you are allergic to farm raised.  Most Sushi restaurants serve the toxic farm raised salmon as well.  Purchase only WILD CAUGHT SALMON.

Beware of Chinese or Vietnamese farm raised seafood, as they grow them in polluted waters full of human or animal waste. They do this since fresh clean water is limited...and dirty waste water is free, hence more profits for the little commies!  I know Trader Joes' has banned all Chinese products for this and other reasons.  Remember, communists are not looking out for your health, especially from a country like China that killed over 73 million of its own people, destroying churches and buddhist temples.



GO ORGANIC!...Organic foods are always the best.  Our great grandparents never heard of organic, because ALL foods were.  There was no such thing as pesticides back then.  Most pesticides are made from petroleum (which if you read the warning at a gas station in California, it's not too good for you), that will block sunshine and not allow the fruit or veggie to have the maximum amount of nutrition that the "code" is calling for.  Years ago, ABC News correspondent Stone Phillips, on a special  blasted the organic industry stating that we are wasting our money, since there is no additional nutritional value.  Well, over time he was proven wrong.  It is now known that  an organic apple or tomato has over 30% more vitamins and minerals.  My organic tomatoes have 30% more lycopene (good for male prostate health). A banana that is not organic has been sprayed 3 times, exposing the workers in Latin America to these poisons.  A non-organic strawberry has been sprayed 3 to 4 times by various pesticides during its lifetime.  Even if you wash that strawberry all day long, there is pesticide residue inside the berry, and all berries that are not organic.  Do you want that in your body?  Do you want to "gum" up this beautiful machine, your body with these poisons...how about your little children?  Organic used to be expensive, but the price has come down, and many times it's only a few cents more than the regular. So buy organic and if possible, buy local.  Support your farmers markets!


  • produced without the use of harmful pesticide...harmful to you, and more so to your children and pets!
  • no synthetic fertilizers or human waste products which have pharmaceutical residues!
  • no GMO...what's that?  Genetic engineered (Monsato) "frankenfoods."
  • no antibiotics mixed in the food for the animals, which would pass on to you, and lower resistance to meds.
  • no growth hormones, such as rsbt which is used in milk producing cows, and found in humans as a result.
  • no artificial flavor
  • no artificial color
  • no preservatives
  • additional nutrients...organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals.
  • better for the earth (our mother) and better for the workers, as many have higher levels of cancer and infertility as a result of working with various pesticides.

JUICING!  It's always better to eat the whole orange rather than having orange juice, since you will get all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  BUT if you do like juice, always get it fresh squeezed and UNPASTEURIZED!  Pasteurization is a heating process that KILLS the enzymes (building blocks of life), leaving some vitamins and minerals, but yielding a semi-dead food.  Always drink your fresh squeezed juice within twenty minutes of making it since it will start to loose its nutritional value.  Buy a juicer, or go to a good juice bar. I personally love my Vitamix juicer/blender!

SO THE REASON that so many people overeat is because they are being nutritionally robbed of the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes by eating processed, pasteurized, microwaved (CHECK OUT THE MICROWAVE PAGE)  and chemical laden "foods."  So what happens when you consume these "foods?"  The body wants you to continue eating, hoping to get the right amount to sustain life.  If you eat the right foods, packed with nutrition, you will feel satisfied, look great, lose and maintain a healthy weight.