PREPPING....IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS...YOU MUST SPEND SOME TIME ON THIS PAGE!  Most of us are not prepared for a natural or man made disaster.  This page will prepare you and your family should a calamity strike.  I was a boy scout in my youth, and their motto is " to be prepared."  How many months, or for many... days supply of food and water do you have on hand?  You may say, I have no concern, the government will be there to during Hurricane Katrina?...I have lived through the Los Angeles riots in 1992, several earthquakes in California and Alaska. We will help you to become aware of what could happen, and how to prepare...and if nothing ever happens, at least you and your loved ones have peace of an insurance policy...are you "insured?"...have you prepped?  I have included some excellent youtube videos from various sources.  Start with the first one from MainePrepper, and watch the others.  Those you like, I invite you to subscribe to their YouTube channels.